Friday, October 9, 2009

Am I dreaming?!

Today, October 9th I went to the wonderful doctors at the Pain Clinic. I was NOT looking forward to this appointment, since I figured they'd say "Well, sorry but we really don't know what to do for you. Have some Motrin." The appointment was quite the contrary though...
The appointment started, I dressed in the lovely hospital gown and waited patiently. The doctor came in and I gave him the most detailed and extensive history of my pain. I then took a deep breath and said, "I have Tietze's Syndrome."
Invisibly wincing, I waited for the " what is that?" But instead he said, "Oh yes, Tietze's. You poor thing."
This was possibly the happiest moment of my life! Could it be?! A doctor who knows what I'm talking about?! Poke me (not in the ribcage!) I think I'm still dreaming.
This doctor (err, team of doctors) completely understood where I was coming from and why I was there. They shared my concern and fear of taking too many strong pain medications when I'm still really young.
The verdict was this: I'm now on some anti-inflammatory medication that I can't pronounce (it starts with an M and it has an x in it...) and I have numbing patches to put on my ribcage. I will also have physical therapy starting next week, twice a week.
Thank golly goodness for no steroid injections!
So I am terribly sorry for rambling on about my lovely day, trust me, my days are usually MUCH worse than this one. I did have pain though after they poked and prodded me...poking is never fun.
Anywho, maybe this will give you costo sufferers some faith...there is at least 2 doctors out there who know what it is and who understand it!
Thank goodness for that :P


  1. YAAAAY!!!! Glad to hear your doctor was not a dud. =)

  2. Hehe yes, duds are NOT cool!