Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Norm: My Story

So, I'm completely new at this blogging mojo but it seems like every blog starts off the same way- a story about why the blog's there in the first place. So to go with the norm I will explain my reasons for doing this.
Tietze's Syndrome. Chances are most of you already know what it is, since you had to stumble upon this blog somehow, but I shall explain anyway. By definition, Tietze's Syndrome is the inflammation of the costal cartilages, or the cartilage in between the rib cages and where the rib cage meets with the sternum. That is not my definition though. Truth be told I am just a kid, and to a teenager Tietze's is much more than "inflammation of the costal cartilages."
Tietze's means having to stop dancing because of the pain when moving the upper body.
Tietze's means having to stay home when friends are going out because getting out of bed is difficult.
Tietze's means not being able to do the school musical because singing is difficult when it hurts to take in a breath.
Tietze's means taking excessive pain killers to make it through the school day.
Tietze's means coming home from school and sleeping for four hours because sleep could not come the night before.
Tietze's means being late to classes because the backpack was too painful to carry and multiple trips to the locker had to be taken.
Tietze's means putting the things I love to do on hold because I can't do them.
Tietze's means so much more than "inflammation of the costal cartilages."
People need to understand that.
I am not looking for sympathy, I am simply stating how my life has changed since being diagnosed with Tietze's. One thing I am looking for however is contact with other Tietze's sufferers, and their methods of treatment.
A kid with Tietze's


  1. Hi there!
    I answered your question on my blog comment section so that your questions can help others as well. Nice to meet someone else with scoliosis as well as this bummer or a condition. Sad you have it. =(

    You can write!! I just about teared up reading what you were wrote. I can identify so much with how you feel. And you love singing!?!? Me too!! That's what I miss the most.

    I'm so happy that someone else is doing a blog- love it!! When you feel ready, you could post your link on the facebook pages of tietze and costo. You will get lots of readers who want to know that they /we aren't alone. And I love to read what others are doing as therapies, etc.

    Keep up the writing, I look forward to following your story. Hope you have a better day tomorrow than today.

  2. Hey hun :-) i've been reading through your blog. this is the first and only blog i have found and i am so pleased. i am starting my own one too!!
    i suffer from tietze syndrome in a chronic way. my pain sometimes gets that bad it spreads through to my back and i am literally bed bound. it is so painful.
    lv charlotte xxx